The lung is the most fragile organ in the human body and certain toxic chemicals or environmental exposures can potentially harm your lungs permanently.
There are many ways of exposing yourself to lung disease or lung cancer. Some harmful exposures are asbestos, radon, smoking, mold and other related toxic chemicals. There have been cases where World Trade Center 9/11 toxic environment exposure has caused various cancers and/or lung diseases.

Asbestos is known to cause a specific type of cancer known as mesothelioma.
Radon gas exposure, even at low levels, is also known to cause lung cancer. It can be found in basements, residential and commercial buildings or in garden level apartments. Radon gas is generated by the natural breakdown of uranium in water, soil and rock. Veterans exposed to agent orange during the Vietnam War are also at risk of developing lung disease. There are home products such as talcum powder commonly found in baby powder or used in certain surgeries, is also known to cause cancers or respiratory issues.

Certain lung diseases are caused by professions that your client may have performed during their lifetime. Investigating the clients’ past work history can allow us to foresee if there is a valid claim and whether or not to litigate. Are you asking the right questions during the depositions? Do you know what to search for in the client’s medical and past work records? Is there missing medical information in the existing medical records that might be significant to the case?

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