Are the records illegible? Is the medical jargon too hard to interpret? Are the medical records so lengthy so that you do not have time to review them thoroughly? Are you skimming through the records and taking a chance in depositions or in the courtroom? Do you completely understand all you are reading? The answer is to hire a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant to help prepare you and your case for the best possible outcome. Why use an expensive MD service when you can get a legal nurse consultant to do a thorough job in a more cost efficient manner?

Types of Services provided by Julia Sze and Associates, LLC include but are not limited to:

  • Screening of medical cases for merit. Eliminating non-meritorious lawsuits.
  • Reviewing and analyzing medical records and other documents to interpret their pertinence to your case.
  • Applying the relevance and identifying any deviations or adherences of hospital’s Standard of Care, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and Policy and Procedures to the medical records reviewed.
  • Providing brief, moderate or comprehensive reports. All reports are customized to the attorney’s needs.
  • Detecting any tampering of medical records.
  • Identifying and locating reputable medical experts to strengthen the credibility of the case.
  • Researching and applying the authoritative medical and nursing literature.
  • Assisting attorneys throughout the litigation process by organizing records and creating/transforming a chronological timeline.
  • Preparing interrogatories for discovery, depositions, and trial.
  • Identifying and assisting with requests for document production.
  • Facilitating preparation of exhibits and other demonstrative evidence.
  • Attending and reporting on Independent Medical Examination.
  • Serving as your liaison by interviewing and preparing clients, key witnesses and experts.

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